Thursday, March 3, 2011


I’m off to Thailand tomorrow morning and with the goal of trying to make this trip a true vacation, one where my mind is free of all obligations, I’d plan on seeing my blogging take a significant drop in the next 12 days or so.  For some of you, this temporary leave of my thoughts on paper could spark the kind of excitement for you that a teenager gets when their parents leave town for the weekend and if that’s the case, enjoy these days to the fullest and just make sure to get the keg out of the bathtub and the “wounded soldiers” out of the lawn before I get home.  

With respect to what my itinerary in Thailand will look like, it deliberately has many holes in it still with the exception of John Doan and I flying to Phuket early Saturday morning and that is an area located in the southeast part of Thailand right on the Andaman Sea.  The forecast as of now for when we get down there is to have a temperature of around 92 F with like a 40% chance for “scattered thunderstorms;” a forecast that leaves me with as much certainty of what the weather will be like as I am in knowing if Gonzaga will win their 1st game in the big Dance (assuming they even get in).  Can anyone else feel the Madness nearing?  Come on Zags!  

As for volunteering of late, I have no incidents of note that are worthy of mentioning other then the fact that the team has decided to give everyone Spanish names and that mine is “Carlos the Conquistador.”  I must say, the name has a good ring to it, but the “conqueror” part of it fits my personality as much as a big dragon tattoo on my back would.  Maybe I’ll see if I can’t ask the team if I can change my name to something a little more peaceful like “Carlos the Pacifisto.”  I’m open for suggestions if you have any.  

One last random observation that I’ve made in walking the streets of India so far is that I’m really glad to say I’m a male tourist over here as opposed to a female as the stares the girls get by Indian men are so creepy that it makes me creeped out and I’m not even the one getting stared at.  If the stares that I get and continue to get from the Indians have made me feel like I’m a white tiger walking the streets, I would only think the stares the girls get from guys would make them feel like they were a “blue footed buby.”      


  1. Tyson, enjoy your time away ... For the best is yet to come.. and by the way, we will be suffering from blog withdrawal for the next few weeks... Thanks alot!

  2. Don't worry...Tyson said I could take over his blog. It will be Sooooooo exciting.