Friday, March 18, 2011


Once we arrived in Krabi by ferry, an area located on the mainland of Thailand on the southeast side, we were told that the best place to stay was Railay island, which was about a 30 minute ride by long boat.   Railay island, is not only known for being home to what many would say are the best beaches in Thailand like I mentioned before, but it is also known to be one of the best places in the world to rock climb.   I could see why it may have gained this reputation once we got there as we were surrounded around rock formations where the only thing I’ve seen as high in the air is perhaps the ball on a 3 point shot by David Stockton on the Zags.   I’m sure the many Rastafarians that inhabit the island here would make the argument that they are just as high as the cliffs here too, if not higher, and after hearing this one Rastafarian’s laugh at a bar where we watched live Thai boxing, I’m in no position to dispute this claim.   The best way I can describe this guy’s laugh would be to imagine what it would sound like to hear someone empty an entire clip of ammo from an AK-47, but replace each bullet with a high pitched, “hee, hee, hee.”  At whatever pitch you envision this "hee, hee, hee" to be at, raise it by about 5 levels and you’ve got it.  Not sure what was funnier about this particular Rastafarian, his laugh, or his enthusiastic “come on baby!” and “oh my buddha!” remarks that seemed to come after every shot landed in the Thai fight.    Just to add to the Rastafarian experience we had in Krabi, we ran into another guy whose hair would have made Kid, from the group of “Kid n Play” look like he was a skinhead.  If you don’t know who “Kid” is that I am referring to, I suggest you google it.  Below, you'll find a couple pics I took in Krabi and I intended to post more, but the battery of my camera went dead so I'll post more in the coming days. 

On our next day on the island, Doan and I decided to rent a sea kayak and go out looking for a little adventure around Railay and when it was all said and done about 5 hrs later, I’d say we were quite successful in accomplishing this objective, as well as getting some nice sunburns on our backs and Doan’s hand becoming dysfunctional for a couple days because of all the rowing we did.    At dinner, I’m not sure what was more painful to watch, Doan trying to use his chopsticks with his bum hand or me trying to just use chopsticks in general.   While on the subject of food, I might as well touch on what my thoughts are of Thai food.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give Thai food a 20 and when taking into consideration that many tourists bypass the opportunity to scuba dive, explore sea caverns, or go on an elephant safari ride in the jungle for a Thai cooking class instead, I think that speaks for itself.   If the world could blend its diversity of people and beliefs like the Thai have been able to blend the diversity of all the ingredients that make up their dishes, I think that might be the day where we have world peace.  

In closing, don’t sleep on the Zags as a #11 seed in the tournament or you might end up like St. John’s did today.  I must say, it’s nice to be in the double digit ranks again, but just being the underdog won’t be enough to win the next game against #3 BYU and the leading scorer in the nation in Jimmer Fredette.   This game should offer plenty of fireworks and as Fredette will more than likely be lighting off the kind of fireworks that would even make the Chinese jealous, I can only hope he leaves for the Zags a few bottlerockets and blackjacks.   Go get em Zags!


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