Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sawat ti kob (HELLO) from Thailand!

After about 10 days in Thailand, I can't say I'm happy with only being able to say "thank you" and "hello" in Thai, but that's about the only thing Thailand has made me unhappy about. On second thought, I've learned a couple other Thai words that have proven to be very beneficial to me as I've come to find out that any time you throw out a "Chang" or a "Singha," you'll end up with a nice local brew in front of your face.

As I write this, I'm actually back in Bangkok for the last couple days of the trip and I'm a tiny bit scared to find out what kind of greeting I'll get from this place as it has a reputation for being similar to a "Vegas" back home, but with steroids, and not just the regular kind of steroids either, but the kind that many MLB players back in 2000 would have salivated over. I'm sure I'll have more to write on the subject once I get back to India, but for now, I thought I'd do my best to update all of you on the experiences I had in Phuket, which was the first destination on my trip. Phuket (Pooket) provided me with my first taste of the tropics as well as the first opportunity to do what attracts many people to tropical places in the first place and that is-- do absolutely nothing. Assuming you don't count as activities spending money or devoting a decent amount of time speculating as to how so many of the guys on the beach could be comfortable in their spandex swim wear, I'd say I was pretty successful in doing nothing for the first few hours of my stay in Phuket.

Once nightfall hit, Doan and I decided to hit the town and see what kind of night life Phuket had to offer and outside of losing about 6 consecutive games of "connect 4" to a Thai cocktail waitress, I can't say the night disappointed. I suppose I could have done without getting solicited every few seconds by guys wanting us to take in a "ping pong" show too, but I'll leave that topic for your own curiosity to seek out if it's of any interest to you. Just make sure to destroy your computer after educating yourself on the subject, since failure to do so, could leave you getting a knock on your door and it won't be from that local girl scout that you love to get the chocolate mint cookies from. Speaking of mint chocolate cookies from the girl scouts, how good are those things after being in the freezer for a couple hrs? I can really say this about a lot of candy though. Maybe it's just me, but put a Kit Kat in the freezer and eat it and you'll replace the words of the Kit Kat jingle from "break me off a piece" to "give me the whole thing."

Well...gotta get my 1st official full day of Bangkok in so goodbye for now. I'll try and give you another update as for my trip within the next day or so.  I'm kind of playing catch up so bear with me.

Go Zags!

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