Friday, March 4, 2011


You'll be happy to know that I've made it to Bangkok safe and sound this afternoon. Even though in writing this, my experiences thus far have been limited to the shuttle ride to the hotel, check in, dinner, and a walk to a nearby 7/11, I'm already in love with the place and I don't think me finding the "rainbow" flavor of the candy "mentos" here, where every piece tastes as good as the purple ones back home, has anything to do with this immediate affection either.  Who knows, maybe it's the "Thai" and "Ty" connection the country and I share that seems to make the two of us so compatible with each other.   

Sure...just getting somewhere that provides me with a breath of fresh air from Kolkata is nice, figuratively and literally, but I can just feel, that why Thailand is so special already is much deeper than it just being a place of escape for me.   Thailand, like I've found is the case with all of my friends, is a place that has your heart right after "hello" and I can't wait to get more acquainted with it.

Until next time my friends and Go Zags! 



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