Monday, February 14, 2011


If any of you have read my entire blog to date, you probably have about as much certainty on what I’m doing with this CARE MORE idea as you do the weather around May in Great Falls, MT and so I suppose it’s time for me to try and offer a little more clarity on the subject for anyone that might CARE MORE about it. (pun intended). Good thing too that I’m not a believer in horoscopes because today, Sebastian (volunteer) read me mine like he always does in the morning and it advised me not to share any weird ideas with anyone . If trying to CARE MORE in life makes me a weirdo, I couldn’t be more at peace with that thought and that only reassures me that I’m listening to my heart in the right way. Before I attempt to offer some clarity on my CARE MORE message though, I will say that I too, am just as curious as some of you may be to see what this CARE MORE idea will take the form of and so if you’re looking for a full blueprint on the idea, I can’t offer you one since I’m looking for it too.

To most of you, I’m sure this CARE MORE stuff comes by surprise and it should since I’ve kept it bottled up for some time now. Not because I was afraid to tell anyone about it, but more so, because I was still trying to figure out what the heck was even stirring inside of me. Like I said above, I’m far from having all the pieces of the CARE MORE puzzle in their place and I even think a few pieces aren’t even in the box, which will make for even more difficulty completing the puzzle. Even with all this uncertainty surrounding the CARE MORE idea though, I’ve never been so certain that it’s something I need to explore.

In writing my blog so far, I’ve tried to use some of my experiences to bring to life the CARE MORE message and I hope this has worked since it’s much easier and practical this way and quite honestly, now is not the time for me to dissect the CARE MORE philosophy at the molecular level for everyone. Consider yourself lucky. In many ways I think CARE MORE really speaks for itself though and it implies that caring in life just isn’t enough—at least not enough if we want to better our lives and the world from what they are today. In order to keep myself from becoming the evangelist I said I’m not, I’ll simplify the message to’s a challenge and an invitation for people to look inside of themselves and CARE MORE and to also look beyond themselves and CARE MORE. If we do this, we’ll not only bring out the best in ourselves and our lives, but just as important, we’ll bring out the best in this world. Last thing I want for anyone reading this by the way is for them to get the impression that I’m on this CARE MORE mountain top and that I’m telling everyone to get where I’m at. I’ll be the first to say, I have plenty of areas where I could CARE MORE and so this message is equally relevant in my own life as I think it is for others.

How do I intend to spread the care more message? With One Random Act Of Kindness At A TIme of course and below, you’ll find one project I’ve completed for Valentine’s Day back home as I had roses randomly distributed to 36 ladies accompanied with the CARE MORE card you see below. Thanks again Johnny for putting the AMAZING into the design of these. You’re awesome!

By the way, to any female reading this and thinking the card doesn’t apply to them because they didn’t receive one “in hand” as others couldn’t be more wrong so consider this my “online” random act of kindness to you too.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

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  1. I find your blog funny, entertaining and the content is important. I student taught at the same school in Lake Stevens that Carmen works at and found your blog through her Facebook page. Ha, Anyways keep up the good work!

    Happy Valentines Day.


    P.S. I visited Great Falls this past summer!