Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My Tuesday ended up being what I’d consider to be a day of "firsts" for me and although as much as I wish I could have said the crow dumping on me today fell under the “first” category, we both know that’s not the case. As for the first “first” of the day, it was me finally being able to confidently give the Indian head nod, which is equivalent to saying “hello,” but without actually saying it. Unlike the classic “Montana” head nod back home that is more vertical in motion where the chin dips downward, the “Indian” head nod is more of a 45 degree tilt of the chin that if not performed correctly, will make you look like you woke up with a really bad case of “stiff neck.”

My second, third, fourth, and fifth “1sts” of the day really occurred all in one activity and that was getting my hair cut at a barber shop, which that in itself qualified as my “2nd” first as I’ve never gotten my hair cut at a barber shop before. Just as I’ve always preferred getting a massage by a female in the past, the same holds true for me and my haircuts, but I figured since I’ve already held hands with a guy and ridden on the backseat of a motorcycle with one, I might as well just get my haircut by one too. As for the third “first,” that would be having the barber of no more than 18 yrs of age call me out on some grey hairs he saw on my head and encouraging me to get a dye job. It’s not that the grey hairs in themselves made this a “1st” experience for me, sadly, they’ve been saying “Good Morning” to me for awhile now, but the “1st” was really just getting called out on them. I guess now I know why Errol was saying I needed to hurry up and get married. In case you’re wondering, I decided against the dye job and to the barber’s dissatisfaction, I think that made him like 1 for 5 on “upsell” attempts. The one upsell that I did give in to was getting a nice shave and that ended up being my third “first” in the day. I can’t say I’ve ever used any of the razors I’ve seen on the commercials back home, like the 4 blade triple action razor that leaves you with a ultra smooth face and more importantly, an ultra beautiful woman rubbing it afterwards, but if I had, I would think it would be close to the shave I got today. I’m oddly enough still waiting on the ultra beautiful woman to show up, but I still have some time left in the day so I’m hoping for the best. All in all, haircut and shave, the total bill came to like $1.75 U.S. Dollars and if you didn’t guess it already, that qualified as my fifth “first” in the day as prior to this experience the cheapest price I paid for a haircut, and a botched one at that, was for about $12 back home.

Last, but not least, my 6th first of the day was really a mutual “first” experience for both the chicken roll vendor right by the Salvation Army and myself as I requested to order "off the menu" and add a single chicken to the double chicken roll and make it a triple. The thing about Indian food is that it’s just like the size of the Indian clothes you find in the shops around here, they’re just too small and with me recently finding out that I’ve already lost about 8 lbs of weight since I’ve been here, I’m trying to bulk up my diet and get my "health" back.

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