Sunday, February 13, 2011


Saturday morning I was finally back in the trenches with the volunteer team as my health was back to 100%. In meeting our humanitarian sidekicks at the usual spot, it is worth mentioning that today was the 4th day in a row that Mack Mock (I’ve come to find out it’s not Tock) has worn pants and dress pants at that and I’m not sure if this is to mean that he’s “all business” now or if his change in attire is an attempt to get some attention back on him--and off of Mike. As to why Mack Mock would do this really comes down to your classic only child becomes the 2nd child jealousy syndrome. Prior to Mike joining the team about 5 weeks ago, Mack Mock was “the man” for the last 2 years or so and with the new birth of Mike into the volunteer team dynamic I think it has created some jealousy on Mack Mock’s behalf. Admittedly, some of the jealousy by Mack Mock isn’t unfounded. We probably do give Mike a tiny bit more of attention, but it’s hard not to when he comes to the team every morning bearing gifts and Mack Mock comes just bearing no pants. Of course, in saying this, it shouldn’t be interpreted that I’m saying you have to “buy” our attention, I’m just saying generosity of heart is a much more powerful force on the human spirit than no pants are...that’s all.

After volunteering, I made it back to the Salvation Army to have what nearly seemed like a “Ground Hog’s Day” of events from the prior day. Had another good conversation with Errol and also with Mike, a.k.a. my other half, a.k.a. Reverend Mike as this is the nickname I’ve given him since every conversation we have inevitably leads to him taking on the role of preacher and me being his congregation. Even Mike admitted that he always wanted to be a preacher and to his credit, he’s got the passion and the biblical knowledge—I would know. I can’t say I’m the evangelistic type when it comes to my faith and this is something Errol and myself are similar in belief as I came to find out shortly after a crow pooped on my head as we were walking to the grocery store. With respect to how a person spreads their faith I say to each their own. At least for me, I’m trying to just CARE MORE about where my own footsteps are and if they're where they should be, I figure the imprints they leave along with a few random acts of kindness will do the talking for me.

By the way, Errol told me that a bird pooping on your head is considered good luck and if that’s not one of the most positive spins on something that is undeniably negative, I don’t know what is. Really? I’m supposed to be happy that a bird pooped on my head? Even if the good luck is true, I figure there are many more people out on the streets here that could use a "good luck" dumping more than me and so in the best interests of the less fortunate, I'll just stick with fortune cookies and I'll let everyone else get dumped on.

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