Monday, January 31, 2011


Prior to my trip to Kolkata, I was a person that fully endorsed the “there’s no dream too big for you to touch” slogan and although, I don’t think I can abandon that belief in its entirety, being up here for the last few weeks has made me seriously challenge that statement.  Can the homeless person I walked by this morning really touch any dream...let alone just get off the streets for that matter?  I want to say yes to this question, but I think that’s only for my own peace of mind since saying “no” would mean that for some people, they’re just screwed in life and there’s nothing they can do about it.  I guess it’s a situation like this where people would say faith in God comes into play...for nothing is impossible for God right?  I guess so, but sometimes I wish God would at least endow everyone with a shovel at birth so while they’re waiting for the rope to drop down from heaven, they can at least get somewhat of a jump start on digging themselves out of the hole they were born in and into a life where their basic necessities are within reach.  That’s not asking for much is it?  God’s response to a comment like that I can hear already...“I gave you two hands Tyson so what are you waiting your neighbor out of the hole already.”  Good point God!  It was us after all that created this mess...not you.  And that’s the great dilemma today I think; us on one end waiting for God to intervene and make the world better and God on the other end waiting for US to make the world better.  With God being able to wait an eternity...I figure it's time to roll up the sleeves and get to work.

Speaking of work, today was my 1st day with the new volunteer team at the Howrah Station and it went well, which means without real incident other than us properly dressing a minor wound for a kid on his foot.  We figured the newspaper he was using wasn’t the best bandage.  For the 1st week or so, I’ll basically just be shadowing other volunteers on their assigned routes to get a feel for the job, but the idea is for me to venture off on my own route at some point and be my own “Robin Hood” as I’ll distribute food and basic medical care to anyone I think is in need of it.  If we happen to stumble into someone that is in need of much greater medical care, like the guy I mentioned in my last blog, that is when we’ll transport them to Kalighat so the Sisters can better assess what should be done.  With me not having any kind of medical background whatsoever, unless you consider superglueing a cut above my eye back in December as bonafide medical work, a job keep in mind that has left a scar that seems to make its own introduction to every new person I meet, I’d say this is the area that will require my greatest focus. 

Below, you can also find some pics I took from the Victoria Memorial.  If the Queen were alive today, I’m sure she would be quite happy to know I shared these with you.  


  1. Wow, Tyson, I'm really enjoying reading your blog. I haven't read all the posts, but the ones I have are awesome. You are showing the Lord's heart, not just in your actions of service, but in the words you say to all of us. Jesus said to the disciples, "They will know you by your love..."

    You're right on--not where we love but how much we love the people right around us, that is what reveals the love of God inside us; and the smallest act of love can bring Jesus' presence into the worst of any situation, which is the Factor that can change everything.

    I really enjoy your witty, dry humor too. Thanks so much for sharing your reflections!

    PS. If you meet any YWAMers, say hi to them for me, will you? Not that I'd know them personally, but they are people who CARE MORE. Thanks!!! Hugs and prayers, Ayrian